Simple Ceramic Urns

by: Marie’s Ceramics

Small (Pets up to 30 lbs) – $12.00

Medium (Pets up to 60 lbs) – $16.00

Large (Pets up to 110 lbs) – $18.50

Extra Large (Pets up to 140 lbs) – $20.00

Cedar Chest with Lock

These chests are made from aromatic cedar, and each one has a unique grain pattern.

Small (Pets up to 10 lbs) – $25.00

Medium (Pets up to 30 lbs) – $30.00

Large (Pets up to 70 lbs) – $40.00

Extra Large (Pets up to 120 lbs) – $52.00

Mesa (Oak, Cedar, or Walnut)

Small (Pets up to 15 lbs) – $30.00

Medium (Pets up to 35 lbs) – $35.00

Large (Pets up to 75 lbs) – $40.00

Extra Large (Pets up to 130 lbs) – $52.00

Sandia Series

These urns are handcrafted from high quality cedar and are made to hold a photo of your beloved pet.

Small (Pets up to 20 lbs) – $55.00

Medium (Pets up to 50 lbs) – $70.00

Large (Pets up to 120 lbs) – $80.00

Douglas Urn

These urns are handcrafted from quality redwood, cedar, or oak.

The appropriate size will be provided – $60.00

Paw Print Urn

Available in Oak or Cedar.

Kitty (Cats ONLY up to 10 lbs) – $60.00

Small (Pets up to 30 lbs) – $90.00

Medium (Pets up to 60 lbs) – $100.00

Large (Pets up to 90 lbs) – $110.00

Extra Large (Pets up to 150 lbs) – $125.00

Paw Print Plaque – $70.00

To See More Paw Print Options click here

These are individually handcrafted plaques that will live on and represent the impression your pet made on you. These impressions in polymer clay are eternal, like the paw prints your friend left on your heart. We can stamp your pet’s name on the paw print per your request. This plaque is standard sized (6 inches by 6 inches) so the size of the pet determines the amount of paws that we can fit on the plaque. There is always the option to do an additional paw print if your pet is too large to fit both paws on the plaque. Requests can be made for additional paw prints for other family members as well. Our Paw Print Plaques come in three frame choices: Oak, Walnut, and Cedar. We have urns to match each type of wood.

Brass/Silver Nameplates

$10.00 (Up to 3 lines including an optional clip art)

Brass/Silver Nameplates on a Chain are $15.00

These brass nameplates are a wonderful addition to any urn. They are flat but can be built on a hanging chain to accommodate cylindrical urns.

Nameplate options: