David Gifford, President

I, David Gifford, and my wife Kelly Gifford, own and operate Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service. We are avid animal lovers and have two beautiful Icelandic ponies-Ani and Rohan; along with our dogs-Sophie and Rio, and two kitty’s. Providing a service that memorializes your pet is very special, and we treat each and every pet with respect and dignity. Our ‘animals are such agreeable friends-they ask no questions, they pass no criticism.’ We are here to help give you a lasting memorial of your beloved friend.





Rusty L.

Customer Service Representative and Facility Operator








Jim M.

Cremation Transport Specialist








Jean Paul G.

Cremation Facility Operator








Jacob U.

Cremation Technician








Richard G.

Cremation Technician








Gail S.

Office Assistant








Nelson B.

Cremation Technician