Mobile Vet Service

Are you looking for a quiet home euthanasia for your beloved pet? Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service works with several veterinary practices including Mobile Vets. Here are a list of practices that we highly recommend:

  • Bar SL Veterinary Services (Dr. Sarah Lopez) - Call (505) 934-3305 or email [email protected]
  • Chamisa Mobile Veterinary Service (Dr. Amanda Mouradian)-Santa Fe Area-Call (505)795-2300
  • Cibola Mobile Vet (Dr. Pfluegar) Call (505) 898-7011
  • Hoof N Paws Mobile Veterinary Practice (Dr. Kate Ross) Call (505) 897-8808
  • JoyLoy Vet Care (Dr. Carol Lloyd)-East Mountains Area-Call (505)286-2608
  • Lap of Love (Dr. Erin Deveau) - Call (606) 796-8311
  • Madrid Veterinary (Dr. Nancy Hacke) Call (505)690-6238
  • Merickel Housecalls (Dr. Barbara Merickel) Call (505) 867-9206
  • West Veterinary Clinic (Dr. Jane West) Call (505)888-4320
  • East Mountain Veterinary Services LLC (Dr. Lane Dixon) Call (575) 202-4199
  • North Valley Veterinary House Calls (Dr. Susan Neary) Serving Albuquerque-Call (505) 633-5430 www.northvalleyveterinaryhouse
  • Pet Loss At Home -  (877) 219-4811
  • Rio Rancho Mobile Vet (Dr. Kathy Quitberg) Serving West Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Corrales- Call (505) 903-0118

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